Paradies Garten Festival 2022


Respect the nature, respect the park

We are optimists and we think the future can be bright. Therefore, we need to take sustainability seriously, knowing that any gathering of a large number of people has a potential negative impact on air, soil, water, resources and people. We need to draw up less resources, and we decided to start with our own little festival and go full on for a green policy. We trust we can influence change by leaving a positive legacy and hopefully inspiring our visitors to live more sustainably. It’s with these ideas that we try to build our festival as green as possible, improving ourselves year after year and knowing that we still have a long way ahead of us

we have set a 10 steps process

To make sure we minimize our impacts


Green Energy

Green energy lowers the impact of lighting & music. We encourage everyone involved in the festival to be aware of how much energy they use, while measuring, monitoring and reporting each year on energy usage. We are aiming to power up Paradies Garten only by renewable energy & using low consumption lightning on site.


Future Food

Future food consists of 100 % locally sourced & organically grown food and ingredients from fair-trade source. Because of meat’s high climate & environmental impact, we propose a large range of vegetarian & meat free meals from our food providers. Menus are discussed internally in order to offer large & balanced alternatives. We also try to adapt food quantity to avoid leftovers.


Waste Management

Waste Management allows us, with our visitors’ participation, to sort, recycle and compost our waste. In order to minimize our waste stream, we have a “Zero single-used plastic” policy & we provide reusable cups for all drinks. We are also trying to implement a circular economy in regards with the waste generated by the festival.



Transport modes have the biggest impact on our carbon footprint. So how will you get here? We are providing a parking near the entrance for sustainable transport modes with our bicycle point. We promote Carpooling and Public transports: the more people share a car or public transport, the lower the carbon footprint per passenger, the lower the carbon footprint per festival resident.


Free Water

Austrias best tap water is available to avoid a wave of plastic water bottles which usually submerges festivals. You will find free water stands where you can get hydrated without unnecessary waste. Bring your refillable bottles!


Sustainable Communication

Sustainable communication is considered whenever applicable: we use only FSC paper for all our communication on paper (flyers, posters …), which we try to cut down. And no tokens, it’s a cashless festival. As for our internet site, we make sure it is the lightest possible to avoid any negative environmental impact.


WATER Management

Water is a valuable good of nature that is spread on festival ground as our visitors must rehydrate, eat and (optionally) shower. We intend to purify on site the water used in our showers, reducing treatment as much as possible. And with the use of our eco-toilets, we intend to reduce any excessive water usage.


CO2 Neutral

A CO2-Neutral festival is a goal we want to achieve. We are aware that even after all our efforts, there is a remaining climate impact. Taking our responsibility, we offset the unavoidable climate impact through the support of CO2logic’s climate project.


Green Camping

Camping has always been an ecological issue for festivals, mainly regarding all the waste left over. If you are a dedicated camper and have all the gear you need, be our guest! But think twice about buying a cheap throwaway tent that will only contribute to landfill and use our pre-set tents options.



Awareness of the importance of a sustainable way of life is enhanced and communicated to our suppliers, partners and sponsors, to assure they share our concerns about a greener future. And we give you useful sustainable tips on the site of the festival.