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Paradies Garten Festival 2023
Posted Jul. 25, 2023 in All, Green
Making an Informed Choice: 
Our Approach to Portable Toilets at Paradies Garten Festival

At Paradies Garten Festival, we believe that every aspect of the event experience should be optimized for our valued festival-goers. One crucial element that demanded our attention after the first edition was the toilet situation. First and foremost we want to state that we will significantly increase the number of toilets and cleaning staff.

Taking your feedback into account, we explored various options and received numerous requests for a specific organic portable toilet. While we understand the appeal, we ultimately made the decision to continue with our previous solution for environmental reasons and supporting local business. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind our choice and shed light on the advantages offered by our selected provider.

Our Chosen Solution: Jülys’ Portable Toilets (Quickies)

After careful consideration and assessment of various factors, we decided to partner once again with Jüly, our trusted portable toilet provider from Bruck an der Leitha. 

Environmental Considerations

Wastewater Treatment:

One compelling reason for our decision is that Jülys’ waste treatment process involves transporting the feces to the sewage treatment plant in Bruck. There, the feces are treated, and the resulting water is reintroduced into a natural body of water, minimizing water wastage.

Responsible Composting:

The remaining sewage sludge, together with chopped structural material like shrub cuttings, is composted in Jülys’ own composting plant in Bruck an der Leitha. This compost, enriched with phosphorus from the sewage sludge, is then utilized as a valuable fertilizer for various crops by local farmers. This sustainable approach ensures that nothing is wasted or needlessly disposed of. The feces generated at our event cover a mere 10-kilometer distance before being fully recycled, while the organic portable toilet solution sadly does NOT offer any recycling of feces.

Short Transportation Distance:

One remarkable aspect of our collaboration with Jüly is the proximity of their treatment plant to our festival grounds. The distance travelled from Jülys’ plant to our festival will only be a mere 2km distance per cabin. This minimal transportation not only reduces carbon emissions but also enhances the overall sustainability of our festival.

Additional Benefits

Hygiene and Ease of Maintenance:

Quickies’ portable toilets boast an all-plastic construction, ensuring ease of cleaning and maintaining a high standard of hygiene. This feature addresses the concerns raised after our previous festival edition, as we strive to provide clean and comfortable facilities for our attendees, by significantly increasing the number of toilets and staff.

Modern Service Vehicles:

Jülys’ maintains a fleet of ultra-modern service vehicles, all equipped with EURO VI engines, which adhere to the highest exhaust class standards. While electric vehicles are not currently viable due to weight limits and battery constraints, Jüly ensures that their vehicles minimize environmental impact while efficiently managing toilet setup and pickup.


In choosing Jüly as our local portable toilet provider for Paradies Garten Festival, we prioritized the preservation of our natural surroundings and the reduction of waste, as well as our mission in supporting local business. Their comprehensive waste treatment process, responsible composting practices, and minimal transportation distances align with our commitment to sustainability. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work towards creating an unforgettable festival experience while minimizing our environmental footprint. 

Paradies Garten Festival
4, 5 & 6 August 2023

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