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Wolfram will play Paradies Garten Festival on Friday at the Grüß dich Bussi Bussi Club stage together with:

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Hello, over the past years my bio – which I myself had written – sounded something like this:„My mother says that my haircut looks like shit! my dad doesnt care about that but he thinks that i can’t deal with money….especially the money i dont earn by myself….!Yet recently my friends, partners and record label agreed that it was time for me to grow up and aspire to a more sophisticated version of my biography.

I am very proud to have my friends Moby and Andy Butler, better known as „Hercules and Love Affair“ introduce you to me in their own words. Thanks, Wolfram

Moby on Wolfram (taken from Interview Magazine, August 2011): “I first met Wolfram—born Wolfram Eckert, but Wolfie to his friends (supposedly)—in Miami at the Standard hotel. It was in the lobby at 8 A.M., and he was wearing a green kimono and pink flip-flops, which I thought was impressive, endearing, and kind of horrifying, but mainly impressive and endearing. Wolfram is much cooler than I’ve ever been or will ever be. I think we’re mainly different in that he has hair and I do not. Plus, he is not middle-aged, whereas I am. And he seems to enjoy traveling, whereas I do not. What distinguishes him from other DJs is that he is smart and enthusiastic but also self-deprecating in equal measures. He’s almost more of an idiosyncratic postmodern curator of weird electronic records from the 1980s than he is a DJ. He says that he grew up in a small village on the Austrian-Italian border, the son of a sculptor and a menswear shopgirl, but I’m guessing he was a feral child, raised by raccoons, who grew up in a dumpster behind an Austrian version of Denny’s. One time, Wolfram was staying at my place as I was having some construction done in the apartment. In the morning, he and his then-girlfriend emerged from the guest bedroom. Wolfram was wearing a blue kimono, white slippers, and star-shaped glasses, and his girlfriend was wearing a Santa hat and nothing else. The workers were understandably stunned into awed silence. Wolfram’s debut album, Wolfram (Permanent Vacation), came out in May and was originally titled WheelChernobyl, which I think is offensive and amazing at the same time. It takes a special intellect to be funny in English when you grew up speaking Austrian, which is technically a bit different from German. But that’s Wolfram for you.“

Andy Butler (Hercules&Love Affair) about „Wolfram“:(…) Wolfram is a musician and producer(executive prod. Sally Shapiro “Disco Romance”) and remixed acts like Moby whose self-titled debut album intelligently and lovingly sings the praises of the significant contributions that the euro sound from those early days of electronic music dance has made on pop music. Wolfram is an aesthete, operating in that Warholian tradition of seeing beyond what is considered by many to be “trash” and finding the beauty in it. The songs are listenable; so listenable, that in a way, listening feels like a guilty pleasure. When truly analyzed and contextualized however, the listening experience becomes a more substantial one – one might go so far as to even say a challenging one.His first, self titled album “Wolfram” is a truly remarkably colorful and diverse collection of songs that lift the spirits and will undoubtedly inspire make out sessions on the dancefloor.

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Playing together on the Grüß dich Bussi Bussi Club stage

Paradies Garten Festival
4, 5 & 6 August 2023

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