Vale Budino



For some DJs music will forever be in the foreground of their mind; every free moment is spent searching for new music or conceiving ways to blend new discoveries. Brescian born Budino is one of these DJs, hers is a constant quest for fresh material to weave in her sets – sets that exist in clubbers minds as glorious psychedelic tapestries sewn from dark trance-inducing beats, tribal percussion and rich cosmic textures. Given this dedication and craft it’s unsurprising that praise, such as Mr Berko’s above, is heaped so readily on Budino’s sets.

Now residing in Berlin Budino has been gleefully accepted as a resident of the city’s quintessential weekend institution Cocktail D’Amore. Additionally Budino has found time to co-founder the revered cerebral remedy that is the “Dancing for Mental Health” parties and has also via her Oscillator label released a sublime trio of previously unreleased Beppe Loda edits across the Obscure Cuts series. With podcasts under her belt for Melbourne Deepcast, Love International and Les Yeux Orange have seen the free wheeling and inventive spirit of Budino’s DJing distilled for a global audience. However for those unfamiliar with Budino’s sound we urge you to seek her out at your local discotheque where we guarantee your mind will be freed and your ass will follow.

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