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Act local, play global – DJ, producer and HAMAM Nights host Sedef Adasi has built her reputation not only on being one of Germany’s best selectors in electronic club music, but also on staying true to building and fostering local communities.

One of Augsburg’s 300k citizens, the daughter to Turkish-Albanian parents has long put forward the concept of staying true to ones home, with herself sticking to her South German home base instead of leaving towards the big city. Since the launch of the HAMAM Nights series in 2017, Sedef Adasi has invited and hosted a broad range of respected nightlife professionals to City Club Augsburg, which in turn gave her the opportunity not only to support regional structures, but bringing the HAMAM mindset of inclusivity and hospitality to other places across the globe.

While interculturality, diversity and regionality are other key factors in Sedef’s personal and professional practice, continuity is another idea that she’s applied both to herself as well as her artistic bonds: besides City Club she’s been holding a longstanding residency at Munich’s BLITZ club, and now she’s also a resident with Berlin’s Panorama Bar.

Musically, Sedef Adasi remains undefined: She’s internalised a passionate love for music ever since coming of age, both as a listener as well as gathering first experiences as a DJ. A decade on, Sedef Adasi has grown her own class of sound, spontaneously but with ease drawing from proto disco, techno, acid, house breaks and 80s/90s pop music both in her DJ sets and her studio productions: combining many-faceted sound niches, at times very fast and energetic, yet always united by groove and emotion. The stretch of Sedef Adasi’s sonic reach knows no bounds.

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