Eclair Fifi

Eclair Fifi is a Scottish DJ and visual artist whose work is as playful as it is studied. Starting out in the late ’90s in her home city of Edinburgh, playing on pirate radio stations and at raves, Eclair Fifi’s tastes were tough – techno splintered by rapid-fire bursts of gabber, hardcore and breaks, inspired […]


The DJ and voice of FM4 Unlimited, Matthias Schönauer aka FUNCTIONIST is known as an openminded, curious and versatile musiclover who knows how to get his crowd moving. From big club nights to his daily radioshow and festivals he provides a high quality selection from his  extensive music collection.  In his sets today he likes […]


SIDEQUEST is a viennese DJ crew launched by LOST TOURIST, SYNTHA, YUNG KALLAX, RAINDOGG & FVBIO. The crew blends homevideo-style graphics with a love for shuffling 2-step beats, fast breaks and greasy house, all while keeping it strictly low-key and never taking themselves too seriously in the vast ocean of local dance music culture.

Roza Terenzi

Roza Terenzi is a manifestation of femmeforward rhythmic energy, spreading a concoction of sublime mind dance, irreverent sapphic mischief, & vivacious cybernetics throughout the universe. Since emerging from her birthplace in the Australian underground, she’s helped to usher in a fantastically playful innovation to dancefloors worldwide through her uniquely enamoring recklessness, irresistibly unruly kinetic frequencies, […]

Apua & Felix Rupprecht

Apua In Wien ansässig, aber in Graz verwurzelt, ist Apua einer der vielseitigsten DJs und Produzenten Österreichs. Er ist bekannt für eine bunte Auswahl an Deep House, bis hin zu prickelnden Acid-Sounds mit einem Twist und ist bekannt für seine Fähigkeit, den Dancefloor zu fesseln.  In letzter Zeit hat er sich neuen Genres wie Synth-Pop […]

Marlon Hoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance

Marlon Hoffstadt, also known as DJ Daddy Trance, is a highly regarded DJ and producer based in Berlin, recognized for his dynamic and versatile approach to electronic music. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Hoffstadt has gained acclaim for his innovative productions, releasing tracks on esteemed labels. As a DJ, Hoffstadt has […]

DJ Heartstring

DJ Heartstrings trajectory has gone into hyper-drive with their highly infectious releases coming by way of 1Ø PILLS MATE and newly formed label Eurodance. The Berlin based artist’s palette represents a palpable, glowing representation of hyper-trance and techno, with universal appeal and fun firmly at the centre, and with this momentum DJ Heartstring brings us […]


Nuremburg-born and Leipzig-based sweetheart AGY3NA is one of the most interesting recent artists popping up in the game. AGY3NA`s music creates an own vibe, coming from so many different genres – melting together into a seamless flow of energy.


German electronic duo FJAAK produce driving, energetic dance tracks which range from reflective power house to storming warehouse techno, with occasional U.K. garage dub, and breakbeat hardcore influences. Gritty yet sensual, most of their tracks are composed entirely on analog equipment. Based in Berlin, Felix Wagner and Aaron Röbig had been making music together since […]

DJ Gigola

Gigolo means Playboy, but the word originally derives from the ancient French “Gigole” which used to mean Dancing Woman. This makes DJ Gigola both, a dancing woman and a playboy. Where others see tension and contradiction, DJ Gigola sees a chance for creation. In her playful way of breaking down boundaries, she hits the Zeitgeist […]