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Austrian Apparel is Dominik Traun and Sebastian Wasner a Live Electronic Duo from Austria. Their main focus is to play a hardware only live setup. Every sound is played live, without the use of a laptop or pre-sequenced synths. Austrian Apparel use live-loopers to add and subtract elements to the mix. The tracks are rehearsed, but they sound slightly different every time they’re played and are adapted to their mood and emotions, which adds personality to every live performance.

Inspired through Boards of Canada, James Holden and Extrawelt their sound is a deep melodic, infused with trancey techno, strong baselines and emotional melodies. They played several festivals and clubs all over Europe, Southkorea and South Africa and released their work on labels like Schönbrunner Perlen, Ghosthall and Heimlich. Collaborations and remixes are a welcomed experience and so far they enjoyed working with Elektro Guzzi, Embassy, Gudrun von Laxenburg, Leyya, Fijuka, Derek Roberts. Apart from the Stage they wrote music for various Theater projects, most recently for Stephanie
Winter with her Salon Hybrid Instalment.

In 2020 Austrian Apparel start their own record label “AA+ Records” to release their debut album “AAplus”.

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