Schönhart – also known as Dominik Schönauer – is a club culture enthusiast born in 1991 and based in Salzburg / Austria. He is known for his ambitions as a DJ, but also as an organizer, promoter and record collector. As a DJ he loves to switch from dubby and dreamy house to broken and […]


Resident Dj at Vienna

Anna Ullrich & Bitschu Batschu

Anna Ullrich is the charismatic and boundary-breaking Austrian artist disrupting dance music today. Widely known for her dancefloor orientated techno sets, mixed up with groovy house, oldschool trash as well as harder stuff. Always up for something unexpected. This talented artist rolled up the field from the rear: as a trained photographer, Anna had already […]

Radio Rudina & Tattu Tatta Glub Allstars

Radio Rudina is a Community Project founded 2019 on the Island of Hvar and is currently run from Radio Rudina Studios in Vienna. The station runs 24/7 and it‘s focus is the interaction with open minded people, as listeners just as much as hosts, djs and musicians. The Studios in the centre of Vienna are a […]


The young German-French Dj Pau from Berlin grew up between Brazil, jazz, house and techno beats. Pau has already played in famous clubs in Vienna like Grelle Forelle, Praterstrasse as well as venues like HÖR Berlin and BauMichAuf Festival and knows how to make people dance. After Fusion in Germany and Fort9 in France she […]

Mall Grab

Operating at a dangerously high frequency, Jordon Alexander aka Mall Grab is perpetually evolving, but always retaining one constant motif – raw energy. The Australian’s rise from an exciting newcomer to a dominant force over the last six years has been impossible to ignore. Now based in London, he’s continued from strength to strength with […]

Panorama & Fluff

Panorama With a deep-rooted passion for electronic music, Panorama was first introduced to the genre at the tender age of 10, when he attended his first Love Parade with his mom. He draws inspiration from his travels as a digital nomad, infusing his tracks with a diverse range of styles and genres. From Italo and […]

Klaue & Tatze

Klaue & Tatze have been a staple in Vienna’s nightlife for more than 10 years, running collectives like the former Mau Mau Music and the current Grüss Dich Bussi Bussi Club. With over a decade of experience, they are true veterans of the scene. Their signature style combines elements of House, Disco, Breakbeat, and Italo, […]

DJ Saliva

DJ Saliva always bring some heat. Mauro is a founding member of Porto-based queer party „Arena Spa Superiora“ and Herrensauna resident. They deliver wild b2bs including CEM, Salome, and others. When not behind the decks, they contributed killer selections to HÖR, Bubble-Bath, Rinse FM, and more. A multi-talented artist, Mauro is a painter and visual […]


Tessa, aka TEZIBEL is a DJ, musician and produder from Vienna. As a DJ, she loves everything that gives energy to the crowd. Bouncing between rolling and trippy Techno and fuzzy Electro, always keeping it focused on the dancefloor. Considering that she is a dancer and spinning instructor you will definitely get a good workout […]